Digital Marketing With A Difference

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver top-tier results through a unique approach and unparalleled service, creating lasting business relationships, not clients.

Our Philosophy

Marketing has undergone a permanent sea change in the last 15 years, making traditional approaches to reaching customers no longer an option.  Digital marketing is no longer an option for businesses of any size, but the approach to digital marketing must be customized to each business for maximum effectiveness.  At Wilson Monnig Creative we believe in developing a true partnership with each business and building a digital marketing strategy specifically structured for individual business success.

Our Approach

We approach each partner as what they truly are: a unique and special business enterprise with individual traits.  You know your businesses better than anyone else; it’s our job to make sure as many people know about your business as possible, in the right place at the right time.To achieve this we will build a unique multi-pronged approach to your digital marketing efforts, utilizing all appropriate tactics of Paid, Earned and Owned Media.  There are eight main areas of online marketing, each area having several tactics that can be employed.  Not all tactics will work for all business, which is while achieving the ideal mix of strategies and tactics is essential to success.

Our Structure

We know that marketing budgets are generally tight for any business which is why we approach our partnerships in a different way.  Unlike most agencies we do not charge retainer fees.  We do not lock you down with binding contracts and long-term deals.  We do not charge by a percentage of budgets or spend.  We believe every dollar possible should be going to efforts to reach your customers.Regardless of the job type we charge a flat, hourly rate for our services, whether the service is paid search campaign management, local search optimization, email management or any other service we offer.  We believe the results we deliver will compel you to continue our partnerships and don’t need to rely on old-fashioned methods to make you stay.