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Wilson Monnig
HubSpot Growth-Driven Design
Posted by Wilson Monnig on02.04.2018
Why is the “value” focus area important to complete early on after launching a new launch pad or website initiative?
True or false? The two primary focus areas of the “optimize” theme are conversion rate optimization and personalization.
Which statement best describes what a buyer persona is?
What is the difference between Growth-Driven Design and conversion rate optimization (CRO)?
Fill in the blank: ________ are the core elements of the business and website. They act like the beams of a house, the underlying support upon which all other activities should be built.
Who should choose the team’s theme to focus on, and when will it be announced to the team?
What is the website performance roadmap?
Which of the following is NOT a good way to speed up the process of building a launch pad website?
Which of the following statements is NOT an example of a time you need to use qualitative research?
During the continuous improvement stage, what are the steps used in the cycle?
Imagine your CEO says, “Why do we need to use Growth-Driven Design on our website? Don’t we just need it to look better than our competitors?” Which of the following is the best response to your CEO?
Imagine your launch pad website is now live, and you’re moving into the continuous improvement stage. Which of the following frameworks provides focus to the team, sets clear expectations, and helps track and measure progress?
Imagine you’re trying to educate your team on the website performance roadmap. How would you best describe what a “theme” is?
How many action items should you aim to complete in each sprint cycle?
Each focus area has a specific focus metric associated with it. Which of the following best describes what a focus metric is?
Fill in the blank: When using Growth-Driven Design, you can experience ______, _______, and ______ compared to traditional web design.
Why is it important to focus on effective content development?
Select the definition that best describes the “establish” theme.
What is the difference between a launch pad website and a traditional website?
Which focus area is often worked on directly after your new launch pad website goes live?
What primary challenge(s) exist with the traditional web design process?
Which of the following factors is NOT important to determine during the website goals step?
True or false? Your strategist’s (or team leader’s) role is to master the process of uncovering answers from your users and turning those answers into items to build to drive value and business results.
True or false? It’s impossible to build a launch pad website for a large, enterprise website.
True or false? It’s important to code a marketer-friendly website.
What is the goal of the “learn” step in the sprint cycle?
Fill in the blank: Growth-Driven Design is a smarter approach to web design that ____________, ____________, and ____________.
Imagine your team is reviewing the required work to complete the strategy stage. Upon reviewing, your boss asks, “What is the Jobs to Be Done step?” Which of the following responses would be the best?
Which statement best describes when user research is used during Growth-Driven Design?
Which of the following technique(s) can be used to increase speed and quality of the new launch pad website?
Fill in the blank: The continuous improvement stage is a repeatable, _____ process for the team to continuously collect ______, build _______, and generate more momentum as they go.
What are the three high-level steps of the user research process?
How many sprint cycles should you run on each focus area?
Fill in the blank: You’re training a new team member on the research and brainstorming process. Your teammate asks, “Why are the user questions the first step in the research process?” You respond with, “Starting with creating user questions helps us _______.”
Imagine your team launched a new website three months ago, before you were hired. The website is performing well, but there’s still opportunity to improve using Growth-Driven Design. Based on this scenario, which is the BEST approach to recommend to your boss?
Which of the following statements best describes the goal of a journey map?
True or false? It’s common to answer a user question by conducting one type of research.
True or false? The only way to speed up the creation of a launch pad website is to cut out the majority of the content.
Imagine you’re reviewing your website’s analytics and notice a large percentage of users exiting the site on the third step of your conversion funnel. The third step of the conversion funnel is the “product comparison page.” You want to review the behaviors and interactions each user has on that page just before they exit. Which research category would be best to use in the scenario above?
Why is it important to have an integrated tool stack that pulls all user data into one centralized place?
Which of the following statements best describes how to think of the website in relation to other departments?
Why is the “expand” theme important to consider when thinking of the website as a tool for company-wide growth?
While going through the sprint cycles, where should your team focus all their time and energy?
The website performance roadmap is a framework structured into a decision tree with three levels. In what order are the three tree levels?
Fill in the blanks: A sprint workshop is a _________ where _______ step(s) out of the day-to-day to collaborate and develop a set of _________ that will be ________.
When is quantitative research a good option for your team to use?
How should you evaluate tools for your Growth-Driven Design tool stack?
Which statement best defines a launch pad website?
True or false? It’s important to leave a certain percentage of flex time in each sprint cycle for implementing updates, maintenance, or CEO-mandated items.
When evaluating tools to integrate into a Growth-Driven Design tool stack, which of the following is NOT an important functionality consideration?
Imagine your boss asks you, “Why is it important that we launch the launch pad website quickly?” Which of the following statements is the best response?
Which statement best describes why it’s important to run experiments to test the action items your team is building?
True or false? You can skip the strategy stage and move right to building the launch pad if you have a senior team member who has been working at the company for a while because they will already know what should be built on the website.
Which of the following is NOT a way to create remarkable content?
True or false? A/B or split testing is the only way to validate your hypothesis.
Melissa Wilson Monnig
Broadcast calendar
Posted by Melissa Wilson Monnig on27.02.2018

A broadcast calendar is the timeline radio and television advertisers and programmers plan their schedule around. The calendar was designed to offer uniform billing periods.

Every new week begins on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. And, the first week of every broadcast calendar contains the first week of the Gregorian calendars first day and ends on the last Sunday of the calendar month making each month between 28-35 days.

Broadcast days typically begin at 5 a.m. local time – not midnight.

And, a broadcast year begins in the fall. Yep! Detroit automakers used to introduce new vehicle models each fall and advertisers planned their year around the release with the hefty prices around the launch time.

Download a broadcast calendar.

Melissa Wilson Monnig
What are Sweeps
Posted by Melissa Wilson Monnig on20.02.2018

Nielsen collects television viewing habits of audiences and in 1954 they introduced a four week measurement over four months (February, May, July, and November) to better record these habits – now known as Sweeps.

These handwritten seven-day diaries  were collected in the Northeast and then Nielsen “swept” across the country to collect the logs until it reached the West Coast viewers.

Sweeps are now used to impact advertising rates. In a network’s advertising plan a half-hour primetime show will normally run six minutes of national ads and two minutes of local advertising. Local advertisers base their advertising rate on ratings collected during Sweeps.

Nielsen measures 210 markets  (DMA or designated market area) where 56 are metered markets (estimated automatically instead of journaled).

Check out the latest Survey Dates or markets rank.

Melissa Wilson Monnig
Understanding Nielsen TV Ratings
Posted by Melissa Wilson Monnig on13.02.2018

When we hear that ratings are up or down, we should evaluate the context which the information was shared. But what are ratings and share?

Nielsen, the longtime giant of media measurement, collects viewing habits from a sample size to estimate the viewing patterns of a nation or region. These results are published in “overnight” reports or after February, May, July and November (also known as Sweeps months).


The ratings is an estimate of the percentage of the audience watching the program. If “News at 6:00” has a household audience rating of 11, this means that 11% of the market (city or region) is watching News at 6:00 on TV. The other 89% may be outside playing basketball or doing yoga.


The share is an estimate of the percentage of how many households using television are watching the program. If “News at 6:00” has a market share of 20, this means that 20% of the homes watching TV at 6:00 are watching the news. Because this eliminates anyone doing chores or playing playing basketball or doing yoga and not watching TV, the share will be higher than the rating because the total possible households of television watchers is smaller.

Media watch websites like Programming Insider and Spots n Dots or Cynopsis highlight overnight ratings in their email subscriptions.

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