In the age of 24/7 marketing, are you there when your customers are looking?

80% of internet users also own a smartphone and mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches, making the cross-device user the new norm.  In fact, according to Google, over 1/4 of all internet users access what they want online using ONLY a smartphone.

Changes in search mean less advertising opportunities

Almost half of consumers start mobile research using a search engine, with a much higher percentage doing so on PCs.  Changes in search engine layouts and smaller mobile screens mean less chances for a business to be seen or found at that moment of consumer consideration.

Wilson Monnig Creative, a different approach driving exceptional results

At Wilson Monnig Creative we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to drive top results for all our clients, regardless of size or industry.   Whether it be SEM–including PPC, display, content, etc–social media marketing, local search marketing or SEO, we will make sure that your business in the top level of results at exactly the time your customers–current or potential–are searching for exactly what you offer.


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